Film Festivals and TV Pilots

What’s the point of attending film festivals, if the movies they show are going to end up on TV anyway?

First, not all film festivals are made up of rejected TV pilots. Nor will all films shown at film festivals wind up on TV. Some are the hopes and dreams of film students with ambitions that outpace their abilities. Some are future award winners. And yes, some are would-be TV pilots.To attend and enjoy a film festival, the first thing you must remember is not all film festivals are alike. Just as a travel agent must qualify clients, to ensure they enjoy their vacation and get their money’s worth, film fans need to qualify film festivals before going. The Cabbagetown Short Film and Video Festival doesn’t show any film longer than 15 minutes. The Cannes International Film Festival has movies of all genres, but being invitation only, a casual fan can’t just book a flight to France and hope to sneak in. The Sundance Film Festival is for independent film makers. The Chicago Horror Festival is only for horror films. The Toronto International Film Festival is noted for its ability to generate “Oscar buzz.”

A film festival gives fans the opportunity to connect with other fans, and possibly to meet with actors, directors, and scriptwriters. A film festival gives awards to outstanding films. A film festival can be a focal point for a vacation. Your travel agent can help you plan a vacation around the film festival of your choice.

The San Francisco International Film Festival takes place every spring. It focuses on international films that have not yet been widely distributed in the U. S. While in San Francisco, you could also visit Alcatraz, Ghirardelli Square, ride a cable car, or visit one of the many museums: Morrison Planetarium, the Exploratorium, or Steinhart Aquarium.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival takes place in June. It has films of various lengths and genres. After watching the best European film makers have to offer, walk the Royal Mile, visit Edinburgh Castle, or go shopping in Princes Street. Your travel agent can help you find lodgings to suit your budget, whether you want to stay in a four-star hotel or at a cozy B&B.

The Venice Film Festival is the oldest international film festival in the world. You could ride in a gondola and visit the museums and churches between viewing movies.

Big Movies Filmed in Louisiana

Over the years there have been many Hollywood movies shot in the great state of Louisiana. Due to it’s beautiful location, diverse population, and natural history behind the scenes, it is no wonder why so many directors choose the Southern state for the filming of their pictures.

One of the most endearing pictures of all-time was shot right in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Movie fans all over the world can do an imitation of the famous, “Stella!” scream from Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire. Filmed in 1951, this dramatic picture involving a troubled couple, has stood the test of time of being one of the true all-time classics of cinema.

Another classic motion picture that was filmed in Louisiana is Easy Rider. Filmed in 1969, this cult classic tells one of the greatest road trip stories of all time. Staying true to the mysterious, Voodoo culture of Louisiana, one of the more memorable scenes in the picture involves Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper finding a couple of prostitutes, and going to a dark and creepy cemetery with aspirations of getting high.

One of the most captivating movies of recent memory was filmed around the beautiful, Louisiana countryside. Winner of Best Picture at the Academy Award, 12 Years a Slave, tells the tale of a freed Black man, who was spending his years as a popular musician. However, a pair of White slave traders con him into thinking that he will make big money on their traveling show, only to sell him into slavery. Solomon is then forced to spend the next 12 years of his life under the harsh rule of several slave masters.

Another recent motion picture that has won critical acclaim, as well as numerous Academy Award nominations is the Quentin Tarantino picture, Django Unchained. The film was shot in the vast countryside of Louisiana as well as the breathtaking plantations that are so iconic to the state. The story involves a slave, played by Jamie Foxx, who is essentially freed and trained to become a gun slinging cowboy. Foxx and his new German partner are on the path to find the notorious slave master, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, who has captured Foxx’s wife.

One of the most beautiful pictures in recent memory, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, was shot around the state. The film tells the tale of a man, played by Brad Pitt, who has the very rare disease of being born old, and gaining a youthful appearance as his life progresses.

Film Festivals in Louisiana

Believe it or not, Louisiana is the third highest producer of films in the United States. It comes after New York and California, but before any other location one might deem far worthier than the “L” shaped state. However, Louisiana has been home to many major blockbusters and production sets than one can imagine. Thus, it makes sense that the state has its fair share of influential film festivals.

The Louisiana International Film Festival

One of the biggest takes place in Baton Rouge, and it features more than 250 films from all over the world. The Louisiana International Film Festival is a hot ticket for the local movie industry. It attracts top executives and star power to the capital in order to promote the local film business. This festival in particular also cross promotes French language film. Louisiana is a state with a rich French heritage with its own particular dialect, and the festival helps keep the public interested in the culture. This year’s event will be held from May 7 – 10, 2015 at 10,000 Perkins Rowe in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is an event that nobody should miss as it is affordable, and it gives the public to see real art house films from all around the globe.

The New Orleans Film Festival

The New Orleans Film Festival is another popular event that attracts big names in the industry. It has been nicknamed “Cannes on the Mississippi” due to its influence. This is a glamorous event where a variety of films are screened. It takes place every October, and over 200 feature films are screened to public and privately. The festival attracts over 300 filmmakers alone who are eager to get their project out to a wider audience. This is one of the premiere film events in Louisiana, and it is a must for anyone in the business.

The Southern Screen Film Festival

Lafayette is home to the Southern Screen Film Festival held yearly in November. This is a newer event that is quickly making a prestigious name for itself. This is a great film festival for independent film makers and lovers who want to experience everything from red carpets to screenings. This is a community based event that is heavily influenced by the surrounding culture. It is one that should not be missed due to the great food, crowd, and films its draws to the small city of Lafayette.